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Sacha Inchi

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Plukenetia volubilis

Size: 60mL; Cold pressed oil; Minimum order: 100kg

It is an extra virgin 100% natural oil with polyunsaturated essential fatty acids contents greater than 83%.

It is the oil with the highest content of fatty acids established in the market with between 92% of Omega 3, 6 and 9.

It has a light flavour and aroma similar to those of crushed seeds that give origin to this, providing an excellent alternative flavour and health.

In order to obtain this premium quality oil we cold press our seeds in a careful and fine process.


  • Cold press
  • Filtered
  • Decantation


Due to the excellent levels of alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3), the daily intake of Omega facilitates physiological functions such as:

  • Cholesterol: preventing saturation of arteries by keeping saturated fats in the bloodstream.
  • Hypertension: reduction of the triglyceride rate.
  • Diabetes / weight loss: regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Depression / mental health: maintaining fluidity and rigidity of cell membranes.
  • Arthritis: Reduction of inflammation in the joints.
  • Skin: Helps transport oxygen from blood cells to tissues, as well helps to maintain proper kidneys and fluid balance.


  • Cosmetic: This oil acts as an emollient helping to soften and protect the skin and when applied to the hair, provides a smooth and shiny appearance. It also acts as a bonding agent and aids in the production of foam for soaps.
  • Nutraceuticals: You will find in this oil an unbeatable taxpayer for the recovery of health since all the benefits of Omega 3 are attributed.
  • Gourmet: Due to its high omega 3 content this oil is the perfect supplement to be eaten by people who do not consume enough fish or vegetables rich in omegas. Refreshment, sweet, salty, are some of the derivatives that can be made from “Sacha Inchi”, in addition, they are richer than sunflower oils.